House 1: Port of Dreams

Hamburg 120 years ago. For millions of people, the city of Hamburg is the departure point for their journey to the New World. During this time, Albert Ballin, general director of the HAPAG shipping company, makes a decision. He wants to create a place of refuge for emigrants on the stopover of their journey in Hamburg. This marks the beginning of a new era for the Hanseatic city – the Emigration Halls on the Veddel become a magnet for emigrants and attract millions of people to the city and the port. In the first house of the permanent exhibition in the Emigration Museum BallinStadt Hamburg you will experience the history of the emigration halls with their international significance and the life of the founder and namesake Albert Ballin.

House 2: World in motion

In the second house of the permanent exhibition you will experience the stages of emigration over centuries. In 14 themed rooms you will learn more about migration history, always accompanied by personal and moving stories. Browse through various emigrant biographies and learn more about the search for a new home. Learn about the pull and push factors for migration. Experience what it meant in the 19th century to emigrate to the U.S. and build a new life in a foreign land. Visit countries whose identity has been significantly shaped by emigration and immigration history. Experience an eventful and interactive exhibition that moves.

House 3: Special exhibition, restaurant and museum shop

In house 3 you will find our current and exciting special exhibitions on the topic of migration as well as an exhibition room dedicated to the namegiver of BallinStadt: Albert Ballin.Our restaurant “To America” invites you to linger, have lunch or have coffee and cake.In ourthe family research center you can search for relatives who have emigrated.

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Albert Ballin, founder of the Emigration Halls in Hamburg
and former director of the HAPAG

He was a famous shipowner, one of the most important Jewish personalities in the time of the German Empire and is the patron saint of the Emigration Museum BallinStadt Hamburg. Highly respected as a gifted businessman, diplomat and human being, and at the same time derided as an “imperial Jew,” he always remained an outsider with his unusual and complex personality. As general director of HAPAG, he was also responsible for the construction of the emigrantion halls on te Veddel, where the museum is located today.

Your visit at the Emigration Museum Hamburg

Immerse yourself in the world of migration! Our audio guide accompanies you through the permanent exhibition – optionally in German, English, French or Polish. Very easy to retrieve via your smartphone.
Worldwide data sets for genealogical research are available to you via our partner platform Ancestry. Among them are the Hamburg passenger lists, which document the emigration via Hamburg.
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