Hello, I’m Elmo! We’re celebrating Sesamstraße’s birthday! Do you want to wish Sesamstraße a happy birthday?

You can paint or write a birthday card here. Me, Bibo, Ernie, Bert and all my other friends are so happy to celebrate with you!

Everyone is unique, which makes the world more fun! Some of my friends have yellow feathers and some have blue fur. I have red fur and an orange nose! Some of my friends are taller– Bibo is very tall! And some are smaller, like Finchen!

Stand next to us and see how tall we are!

Why is music important? Music is fun, and you can dance while listening. Music can cheer you up if you are sad or can help you fall asleep at night. Music also tells us stories.

You probably know the Sesamstraße song. „Who, how, what …“ (-> that refers to the german title song) Do you know what happens next in the song?

You can hear and experience this song and more music in the jukebox! -> You can see and hear music from the German production (songs with famous singers)…

Hi Volker! You have a very nice museum!

Thanks Elmo! Do you know the focus of this museum? It is all about migration!

Ahh, cool. But, what does migration mean?

Migration means leaving your home to live somewhere else. This can be another city nearby or even moving to another country. Where you come from, you are an emigrant. Where you go to, you are an immigrant. Every migrant has a great story to tell, cooks special food, or knows new games to teach.

I love to meet new friends and learn new games! I can’t wait to learn more about migration!

Hi Elmo! Do you know that there many reasons why people migrate?

Oh really? What are they?

Today, many people leave their homeland because of war or poverty in their home countries. They are looking for work. They are looking for better climate or safety. They are looking for something to eat or a school for their children.

That is sad. How can we help them?

You and your Sesamstraße friends can help make these children happier by being kind and laughing together!

I can do that! I love having fun with new friends.

And how do people get to their new home, Volker?

Many people travel on foot. Sometimes they use a boat or a ship. And sometimes they use a car, a train, or a plane. It depends on how far away their destination is.

Oh, but where do they live when they are far away from home?

Sometimes then people live in huge tent settings or houses for months before they are allowed to go to Germany, for example. Life in these refugee situations is often difficult and very stressful.

Oh, I know about this. I have visited children in these settings with my friend Raya. It was so much fun to laugh with my new friends.

Volker, I do like your museum very much! But now I am sitting on a school bench. What does school have to do with your museum?

Elmo, education is the key to a better life. Often people leave their home for more education – adults and children. Every child should be able to go to school. There they learn reading, writing, math and science. And they have the opportunity to make friends.

Learning is even more fun when you’re with friends. I love learning new things with my friends on Sesamstraße!

On Sesame Street, everyone is unique. Bibo is tall and yellow. Cookie Monster is blue and loves cookies.

Want to meet some more of our friends? Play this memory game and find the matching pairs!

Everybody leaves footprints when they go somewhere. That could be human footprints on the beach, pawprints of your dog when you take a walk or even tiny bee footprints on your marmelade roll.

Would you like to know footprints your Sesamstraße friends leave behind? Look on the ground– can you recognize which footprints belong to whom? Can you find mine?

Stand in the footsteps of your favorite monster. Which of them has the biggest footprint?